No doc / no executable found in packages / apt-get for bashbrew

A non-official executable (used by Nextcloud) could be found here: on a Jenkins server:

   bashbrew - canonical build tool for the official images

   bashbrew [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

     list, ls    list repo:tag combinations for a given repo
     build       build (and tag) repo:tag combinations for a given repo
     tag         tag repo:tag into a namespace (especially for pushing)
     push        push namespace/repo:tag (see also "tag")
     put-shared  update shared tags in the registry (and multi-architecture tags)
     help, h     Shows a list of commands or help for one command
     children, offspring, descendants, progeny  print the repos built FROM a given repo or repo:tag
     parents, ancestors, progenitors            print the repos this repo or repo:tag is FROM
     cat                                        print manifest contents for repo or repo:tag
     from                                       print FROM for repo:tag

   --debug                  enable more output (esp. all "docker build" output instead of only output on failure) [$BASHBREW_DEBUG]
   --no-sort                do not apply any sorting, even via --build-order
   --arch value             the current platform architecture (default: "amd64") [$BASHBREW_ARCH]
   --constraint value       build constraints (see Constraints in Manifest2822Entry) [$BASHBREW_CONSTRAINTS]
   --exclusive-constraints  skip entries which do not have Constraints
   --arch-namespace value   architecture to push namespace mappings for creating indexes/manifest lists ("arch=namespace" ala "s390x=tianons390x") [$BASHBREW_ARCH_NAMESPACES]
   --config value           where default "flags" configuration can be overridden more persistently (default: "/home/gui/.config/bashbrew") [$BASHBREW_CONFIG]
   --library value          where the bodies are buried (default: "/home/gui/docker/official-images/library") [$BASHBREW_LIBRARY]
   --cache value            where the git wizardry is stashed (default: "/home/gui/.cache/bashbrew") [$BASHBREW_CACHE]
   --help, -h, -?           show help

This is a GOLANG utility found in

For building:

#prerequisite install golang

$ sudo apt-get install golang
$ git clone \
$ cd official-images
$ export GOPATH=$HOME/go
$ bashbrew/ --help


$ cd official-images/go
$ go build -o bin/bashbrew bashbrew

then you will have your binary for your Dockerfile pipelines !

$ export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

this makes possible to brew several DockerFile for different stacks with their dependancies

This is used for Docker to build all the โ€œofficialโ€ images founds in their registry :

This could be a good entrypoint for a scan utility , avoiding images that contains git commits , with too many issues or not enough robustness / security checks